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Destruction Unit - Negative Feedback Resistor

by Ian Fraser Rating:7 Release Date:2015-09-18

Oh you chaotic and noisy acid-punks. Phoenix, Arizona veterans take the raw energy of punk and feed it through a blitzkrieg distortion of fuzzed-out guitars, hyperactive drumming and topped with shouted vocals. Mind you, they have to shout to be heard over the glorious row of Negative Feedback Resistor. 

The title kinda gives a hint as to what to expect. Think of a more toxic sounding Motorhead with anger management issues and you’re getting close to appreciating that, in musical terms, this is likely to either kill or cure. Hell, someone somewhere probably uses this as alternative therapy for some strange and unfathomable ailment. Certainly you’re unlikely to be quite the same once you’ve been through not so much the door of perception as the mill of stupefaction.

Forget the deceitfully brooding opening to “Disinfect”, when it kicks in that’s exactly how you feel and there is no let up as the cruel opener seamlessly slams into “Proper Decay” and then after barely a half-breath headlong into “Salvation” which if you squint and use just a bit of imagination you can just about appreciate their psych tag. The same can be said on “Chemical Reaction/Chemical Delight” which sounds like a pissed-off Nik Turner (minus sax) fronting up a particularly heavyweight and cranky version of classic Hawkwind. “Animal Instinct” is a ketamine nightmare which at least has the decency to give you a head start to the door before bringing you to ground and stomping riffs into your skull. More propulsive pounding on the likes of “Judgement Day” further blurs the distinction between heavy psych, heavy metal and heavy duty. Suffice to say it’s…heavy and, even if it occasionally seems a little two dimensional, a glorious and oddly cathartic racket.

Not pretty, not subtle and they don’t even stop to ask you your name. The beasts.

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