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Shopping - Why Choose

by Steve Reynolds Rating:9 Release Date:2015-10-02

Shopping, yes that human trait when you go to buy stuff yeah? No, not this time, it's another kind of Shopping - a three-piece musical combo from London. They are Billy Easter, Andrew Milk and Rachel Aggs, and they're here to lavish us with their own brand of quirky indie.

After a couple of bars of album opener 'Wind Up', you quickly understand where Shopping lever their sound from. It's redolent of the post punk sounds of Delta 5 and The Au Pairs but carefully entwined with bits of early C86 leaders - The Shop Assistants and The Flatmates. They strip the sound back, they keep it clean, punk-funky and distinctly angular, recalling at times the brilliant Talking Heads' album Remain in Light.

Morrissey once claimed that you shouldnt "plagiarise or take on loans" but you can only lay that claim if the music doesn't have its own set of idiosycratic hubris which this album has in abundance. You could be uber critical about the obvious influences but they've created an up to date pastiche of their own and because they keep the music fresh ('Take it Outside') it continues to hold your gaze and not meander off course.

This really is music to dance to, 'Straight Lines' is bouncy, jerky and all set to a male broody dark spoken prose but doubled up with Rachel Agg's  efferverscent and loaded delivery.

The bass remains centric to most of Shopping's songs on the album, take 'Time Wasted', musically a lot slower than the majority of their material but it gently soothes and is the glue that underpins the band's regressive sound.

The quick witted guitar play on 'Private Party' is complimented by a carefully placed cowbell and the school playground cat calling vocals work seamlessly putting together a tune of overflowing fun and joy.

The rest of the album is of similarly ilk. Check out the stomping goodness of 'Sinking Feeling'' and the dark thunder of 'I have decided', both tracks of unequivocal brilliance.  'Why Choose' is a very addictive debut album.  Rammed to the hilt in guitar simplicity, roaring joy and serrated lead free rhythms.  I'm genuinely surprise as to how good this album is and a welcome riposte to the pending of Autumn.

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