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Mercury Rev - The Light in You

by Dan Clay Rating:8 Release Date:2015-10-06

Having seen their quirky sensibilities taken from by the likes of The Flaming Lips since the mid-90s, Mercury Rev have struggled at times to recapture the melancholy essence of treasures such as ‘Goddess on a Highway’ from 1998’s Deserters Songs. Now on their first album in seven years the band return, rejuvenated with a clutch of songs that prove they haven’t deserted their fan-base.

With the likes of string-strewn ‘Queen of Songs’ and the summer pop of ‘Sunflower’, it’s clear Rev are riding on a high, while the hazy lush vocals of ‘Are You Ready?’ suggest there’s much more to this band than previous incarnations suggest.

Equally the Lemon Jelly-like ‘Coming Up for Air’ draws on warm vocals and a crescendo of sounds to build a beguilingly foot-stomping treat while ‘Autumn’s in the Air’ is a similarly-sounding Phil Spector-esque delight.

With an almost Belle & Sebastian Life Pursuit sound, Jonathan Donahue and Sean Mackowiak showcase their talents further on the likes of closer ‘Rainy Day Record’, a song infectious enough to leave a real lasting impression. Clearly the light in them will shine in you too.

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