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Eagles of Death Metal - Zipper Down

by Blaire Lund Rating:10 Release Date:2015-10-02

On Eagles of Death Metal’s fourth album, Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme strut in and drop another delicious set of revelrous, brass, libido-fueled rock. After a seven-year hiatus, the hard rock cowboys are back; sticky, clad in their leathers and itching for a dance on the raucous Zipper Down. The cover, with its image of a woman unzipping her black leather jacket to reveal her breasts, which respectively have the faces of Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme covering the nipples with Josh bearing an over exaggerated DAMN face, tells you what kind of experience this record offers you.

The album kicks off with single ‘Complexity’, a reworked song from Hughes’ project Boots Electric, originally featured on their 2011 album, Honkey Kong. ‘Complexity’ responds to the trend of generic, watered-down pop music dominating the charts by delivering its own brand of catchy, danceable fun. It’s a pop-centric track that still retains their dirty, greased-up vibe. The beat swivels back and forth on this danceable track, with great riffs and solos peppering this outrageous nod to “hits”.

‘Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.)’ is a racing song that casts Jesse Hughes as a man trying to get into a club who proclaims over and over, “Don’t you know who I am?” This celebratory track relishes in the thought of dancing all night, if only the narrator could navigate the club scene properly. Despite telling the bouncer “I am from Silverlake and I am in a cool band” it doesn’t look like he’s getting into the club any time soon. Another lightning-fast tune, ‘Got a Woman’ celebrates in grandeur the band’s unabashed sexuality with lyrics like “I got me a woman, let me shake her ass. Come on, baby, get moving”. This lecherous track accelerates to a series of magnificently overzealous riffs towards the end with true ego-fueled grandeur and fun, ridiculous machismo. 

‘I Love You All the Time’ combines 1970’s riffs and aesthetic with modern- day crunch to create a contemporary ballad. The lyrics, peppered with lines in French, tell the story of a woman with a wandering eye that the speaker loves though he knows she won’t stick around. The next song opens with a lovely, indulgent riff before easing down with a funky-sex bass line. ‘Oh Girl’ is a rock song, pure and simple. With cock-swinging bravado and a sexy, crawling bass line this track represents “rock” in its most simplistic sense.  He questions in an ethereal voice “Oh girl, when you coming back to me?”

The rhythmic blues-rock that personifies Zipper Down continues on ‘Got the Power’. It’s another example of classic rock that keeps the mood light and doesn’t take itself too seriously. They keep the swaggering attitude throughout the song. A heavy, fuzzed-up bass line and alien-guitar usher in ‘Skin Tight Boogie’. The stage is soon set with a menagerie of titillating body parts and accessories being named in succession, ramping up the innuendo on this sexy track. The foxy woman in question rejects his come on, engaging in a back and forth with him a la Kim Gordon and Chuck D in Sonic Youth’s ‘Kool Thing’. He asks, “You wanna go?” She shuts him down, “Baby, oh no” and when he asks again she goes, “I don’t think so” before telling him to “beat it”. This braggadocio isn’t phased though, he beckons, “Come close, closer still, some boys they won’t but you know I will.” The track ends by wah-wahing out in glorious fashion.

‘The Deuce’ is a straight-up, standard Eagles of Death Metal track praising the virtues of “tight pants” and “attitude”. A cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Save a Prayer’ starts out with a heavy, prowling bass. Gorgeous guitars, thunderous bass and ethereal vocals float in this faithful cover. The album concludes with ‘The Reverend’, another dirty, lascivious track. The vocals blend with the dirty guitars; female vocals wailing in the back ground.

Overall, Zipper Down is a bold, cock-sure whirlwind of heavy guitars and dance-ready beats. It’s a strong addition to the ridiculous, sleazy world of Eagles of Death Metal. You can feel the sweat dripping off this effortless, fun album.

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