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Summer Effect - Nothing But Hope

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2015-09-09

Nothing But Hope is the second album from Summer Effect, an Indonesian band. On my last trip to Jakarta, and an extensive tour of the underground music scene there… No, I’m just kidding. I’ve never been to Jakarta, or anywhere in that part of the world, actually, but hopefully more will emerge from there like Summer Effect. This is a strong album.

This band started a few years ago and is a post-rock band, meaning primarily they don’t have vocals, just waves and waves of alternate ambient, rock, and atmospheric electronics to evoke the moods that their song titles suggest. And as a post-rock effort, it is highly successful at doing this.

While it opens with a grand, rich, inane, short clip appropriately called ‘Pre’ the rest of the album is filled with shimmering guitar progressions that I found particularly engaging when all the richness is undercut by a proficient and beautiful piano.  Beautiful execution.  With song titles like, ‘Early Morning’, ‘Nothing but Hope’, and ‘Holiday’ these two Indonesian musicians jam out in wonderfully elaborate and inspiring progressions with pleasing waves of loud ambient songs and moody textures.

If you like post-rock that is more elaborate than straight up machine-generated new age electronica, Summer Effect won’t disappoint.

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