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Le Butcherettes - A Raw Youth

by Jeff Penczak Rating:7 Release Date:2015-09-21

The Mexican (via Denver and El Lay) garage punk trio’s third album is another high energy blast from start to finish, with frontwoman Teri Gender Bender (Suárez) pairing her vitriolic feminist stomps with strident fist-pumps. While certain crowd-pleasers like ‘Reason to Die Young’ may have a little too much sheen for the hardcore punkers, they’re sure to salivate over the duet with the Igster himself, ‘La Uva’ [‘The Grape’], with Iggy writhing, grunting, and groaning sensuously in his typically monotonic drawl and presumably phonetic Spanish.

‘Sold Less Than Gold’ is quite poppy and could be a hit single – it has a catchy beat that should expand the band’s fan base out of the dingy punk clubs and into the spotlight. Siouxsie Sioux and Nina Hagen fans will also enjoy ‘Stab My Back’, a pseudo-tribute to the punk divas’ syncopated, funky backbeats, complete with multi-octave vocal calisthenics.

           Suárez still can’t resist the temptation to antagonize in order to make her point about society’s mistreatment of women and the resulting ‘They Fuck You Over’ is more of a soap box pronouncement than a song, but the bouncy, pogo-friendly synth pop of ‘The Hitch Hiker’ restores the good time, party vibes, and slam dancers should have no problems working up a good sweat with the sneaky, snakey ‘Oil the Shoe If The Critter Knew Any Better’. The album ends with another duet (with Chili Pepper guitarist John Frusciante), ‘My Half’, which showcases Suárez’s shady playfulness and sinewy vocal mutterings, while Frisciante rips off a few solos to keep the punters from tossing chairs and empty bottles at the stage. This probably plays better live than in this studio rendition, but you can rectify that by catching the band on their current tour.

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