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Midday Veil - This Wilderness

by Jim Harris Rating:7 Release Date:2015-09-11

Rarely does an album cover elicit such a question mark response as this new release from the Seattle-based Midday Veil. It looks like the first layer of a Megadeath cover. Or the trailing image of the worst science-fiction movie ever made. Yet, in some ways, with the sci-fi lyrics and spacey keyboards and solid 90s goth band vocals, it actually might even be a good representation of the music inside.  

I would suppose this is somewhat of a concept album as the first track ‘Babel’ has the founding member, Emily Pothast, in her strong, rugged, yet sensual delivery singing: ‘This wilderness amazes me ,but covers me with shame ,when I aspire to codify ,the thing that has no name… K.

But, with Emily’s strong vocals and the seemingly endless layers of synths and synthesized guitars, with light but powerful drums, it all works quite nicely.  Most of the songs like the opening ‘Babel’ and ‘Water’ remind me of those high tech 90s Goth bands like Leave’s Eyes and Lacuna Coil but the major difference here is Midday Veil have way more lower key synth and very little metal in their sound. (Is there a post-Goth category?)

When Midday Veil is on they have a uniquely complex synth-pop sound that doesn’t necessarily soar in music complexity but does evoke the spacey wilderness they are trying to evoke. ‘I Am The War’ has a forlorn last outpost in the universe march to it and when you add a lyric like ‘When I was born Heaven was not new…’ Well, some popcorn, the devil’s weed, and a 70s sci-fi movie come to mind…

When Midday Veil is off, however, there is a little too much space to think about those quirky new age lyrics.  But, since this is their 3rd album, Midday Veil is probably hitting all the jets to get them as quickly to free vector light speed as they can go, so if you are so inclined to tag along…

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I don't know what they were thinking with that cover

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