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Simon Felton - Emotional Feedback

by Jeff Penczak Rating:9 Release Date:2015-09-07

Felton’s been trying to make ends meet in the music industry by running the glorious Pink Hedgehog imprint for the past 20 years, during which time he’s released several power pop albums as a member of Garfield’s Birthday, along with a couple of warmly-received solo efforts (Failing In Biology and Surrender, Dorothy!) His third solo salvo takes an emotional detour into straight-ahead singer-songwriter territory, with melancholic confessionals delivered in a ruminative style closer to Macca’s solo debut. A few tinkling bells stand in for teardrops on the heart-tugging opener ‘Two Fine Lovers/A Warning’ and ‘Sympathy No. 4’ suggests our hero is not a happy camper. Luckily, lovely harmonies and a lilting melody keep things from deteriorating into a mopey pity party.

           Felton adorns ‘Audrey’ in a warm blankie of strings, while his label mate (and partner in Wilson), Steve Wilson contributes wonderful acoustic guitar accompaniment to Felton’s flowery piano trills on the inviting, Wilson-penned ‘Throw It All Away’, my choice for the pick-to-click hit single if the music industry hadn’t practically abandoned the concept once the digital age descended upon us at the turn of the century or thereabouts.

           I also noticed that it seems that Felton rarely mentions the song titles in his lyrics (an old New Order trick), so you’ll have to tilt your head in a little closer to the speaker to catch the stories behind his emotional heartbreaks. But you’ll be much better for it, as these are songs to be LISTENED to, not tossed on in the background during the household chores. The gender reversal of ‘If I Were A Single Girl Again’ illustrates his sympathy for the trials and tribulations the other half has to endure while their significant other makes a total twat of himself, and this, along with the entire album should be enjoyed with a cross-legged cuddle-up on the floor, a set of headphones, and a box of tissues. Then wrap it up and post it inside an apology to the person you just broke up with.

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