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Infinity Girl - Harm [VINYL]

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2015-09-04

With Top Shelf's ability to find such quality shoegaze/dreampop/post-punk/rock 'n' roll, it was no surprise to enjoy Infinity Girl's new release, Harm. This San Diego-based band turns the volume up and slams together enough guitar riffs and fuzzed-up vocals to attract the attention of any fan of the noisier side of shoegaze, influenced by Swervedriver and the like. With such tracks as the opening 'Hesse', followed by perhaps the strongest track, 'Firehead', Infinity Girl has your attention. 

The guitar layers are piled on and nicely structured and amped up to dominate most tracks, but there is plenty of melody and pauses to satiate the appetite for dreampop as well. Echoes of the more melodic side of MBV are sprinkled in everywhere. In short, Infinity Girl do it right. 

The best tracks are 'Firehead' and 'Dirty Sun' but if you want a change of pace and some straight up solid post punk, my favorite track is 'Hold' where the band deviates a bit from the formula nicely with a mid-tempo burner. 

Occasionally the vocals sound a bit too far washed out for my tastes but a small complaint.  All in all, Infinity Girl offer up a joyous collection of dreampop shoegaze tracks that won't disappoint fans of louder rock and roll that leans towards those 90s bands we all love. 

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