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Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas - Automaginary

by Jim Harris Rating:1 Release Date:2015-08-31

I'm not a big fan of new age music, as it always reminds me of music played in a shag carpet lined elevator stuffed completely with nerdy engineers with toy keyboards and one syphilitic unicorn that randomly punches each of them in the head at various elongated intervals.  There are tiny bells attached to the hooves of this unicorn. 

The first track on this, well, album, 'On No Fade' had me thinking?  Is there intelligent life that would sit through this?  

Natural Information Society and the Bitchin Bajas are Chicago-based bands, but coming from Chicago, I cannot even fathom what part of Chicago would produce such noise as this first track.  I don't remember when but I briefly heard a Bitchin Bajas song and I rather liked it, and finally with the second song, after this white noise of a first song, "Anemometer' at least sounds a bit like an attempt at music, as I thought the Bitchin Bajas attempted.   (And anemometer, by the way, is one of those wind things with four half eggs that spin around to measure wind velocity.  Oh Lord.) 

But it still fails as music.  Even the flurry of flutes to complement the bent, twisted excuse of a bass line doesn't add up to more than a minor flourish of a high school orchestra struggling to get in tune before playing the Marine March before a hometown football crowd of 25.  Ditto the 3rd track. 

The 4th track here finally exhibits some form of a continuous beat but still falls flat. 

As a new age exercise in obtuse and foreign sounds melting together like slow moving lava, this album just goes nowhere creative for me.  There is probably or hopefully plenty of more interesting new age albums than this one.  And frankly, I still would show very little interest in them.  So please don't bother with this one. 

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