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DRINKS - Hermits on Holiday

by Rob Taylor Rating:4 Release Date:2015-08-21

DRINKS is a collaboration between accomplished indie darlings, Tim Presley and Cate Le Bon. Presley really ramped up interest with the estimable For the Recently Found Innocent, and the Hair collaboration with Segall in recent years. Like Segall, the muddy and indistinct production of his earlier works were replaced with greater definition on the latter ones, giving a better impression of his outstanding guitar skills.

I’m not sure why Presley thought it was a good idea to hook up with Le Bon on Hermits on Holidays. The results are less than flattering. No doubt the carefree and spontaneous noodling, and even the glib humour on this record will be appealing to fans of Presley and Le Bon. I have to say, though, there’s some really annoying aspects to Le Bon’s input. Like the wilfully droll teutonics of ‘Spilt The Beans’ [The accented piss-take on Nico-era Velvets is execrable]. Having to endure that three times [to make sure I really did hate it], was akin to Malcolm McDowell having his eyes prised open in ‘Clockwork Orange’. Sure the angular musical arrangements are fascinating, a bit fun even, but the vocal effect is like bad karaoke, if you like that sort of thing.

‘Laying Down The Rock’ certainly started the album on a great note, even if its repeated theme outstays its welcome by about 2 of its 4 minutes. ‘Focus On The Street’ takes the same basic melody, shifting through the gears into cruise, Presley playing a few interesting slanted minor key runs and circular ideas. Not a bad song if you adjust the bar to what is essentially a lot of fucking around.

The quirky high pitched singspiel and metronomic tick tock of ‘Hermits on Holidays’ invites similar antipathy to ‘Spilt The Beans’. On ‘Tim, Do I like That Dog’ Presley and Le Bon appear to breach the standard behavioural protocol of not taping stoned conversations. ‘Cheerio’ is track 8, but they lied and followed it up with ‘Time Between’. Mercifully though, this darker take on Syd Barrett’s solo works is the best thing all album, and for once doesn’t sound like it’s loaded with private innuendo. 

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Well, I liked it. I'll be seeing them live in a few weeks.

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I wanted to like it. For The Recently Found Innocent was a fave in 2014.

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