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Small Feet - From Far Enough Away Everything Sounds Like the Ocean

by Nathan Fidler Rating:5 Release Date:2015-08-21

The title of this album by Small Feet, as Swedish folkie outfit, is quite indicative of the mood they’re shooting for. Shoot it they do, they hit everything you love and hate about the genre, the reverb, the gentle guitar, the melancholy and the feeling that you’re walking listlessly over misty hills.

A truly great debut is hard to come by, so it should not be seen as a complete failure that Small Feet, on this album, often fail to create the raft of musical gems we come to desperately seek. The bleak pop of ‘All and Everyone’ is as close as you come to a great track; “they’re killing unicorns for fun/ they’re as evil as they come” just one of the handful of excellent and foreboding lines (and you'll want to whistle along too).

‘Lead Us Through The Night’ is a decent follow up, with a great hook of a melody, but beside these two tracks you just can’t help but be frustrated by Simon Stålhamre’s voice. It’s where the majority of concentration breaks from the wistful music on offer, his strained falsetto coming across like a whiny screech. At his best he creates a Fleet Foxes-like aura but it’s hard to get on board with what he’s singing.

“I want there to be palm trees”, he begins on ‘Palm Trees’ but the shivering vocals over organs and drums leave the song all at sea. ‘Backwards Falconer’ has a great booming bass line but the melodies can’t carry you all the way through the song without wanting to skip.

As stated previously, we put a lot of pressure on bands to come up with flawless debuts and it doesn’t always happen, but is Small Feet can channel either their melodic intentions or their obscure artistic styling - as found on closer ‘Here’s To Violence’ - there might be something to look forward to.

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