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Slim Twig - Thank You for Stickin' With Twig

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2015-08-07

Every wondered what it would have sounded like if Marc Bolan had lived to a ripe old age and decided to have a go at that electronica malarkey? Course you have! Well, wonder no more, because Slim Twig is here to show you how it would have turned out.

Throughout Thank You for Stickin' With Twig, there’s the sense that Twig mainman Max Turnbull’s MO is to take slices of innocuous 70s pop and rock and mercilessly warp them, often screwing with the sounds until they sound like they’re playing on an ancient cassette.

Both ‘Slippin' Slidin' and ‘A Woman's Touch (It's No Coincidence)’ use for their base a heavily-processed one-note guitar riff that bears a striking resemblance to Bolan’s ‘20th Century Boy’. The former is a stodgy, echo-drenched electro-rocker, while the latter throws in the famous, oft-appropriated bassline from Ben E King’s ‘Stand By Me’ and quasi-operatic wailing. It also features sections that sound like what I can only describe as a Grease number being horribly, horribly fucked with.

‘She Stickin' With Twig’ resembles the kind of pretentious, cod-classical wankery with which ELO or Emerson Lake & Palmer blighted the 70s. The brilliantly named ‘Textiles on Mainstreet’ sounds like a demo by Barrett-era Floyd. ‘Red Roll Red Roll (Song for Steubenville)’, meanwhile, starts off like incidental film music played with vintage synths before switching to heavy psych guitar and a maelstrom of echoing effects.

There’s so much going on here, but to be honest, it gets a little wearisome. Like with Ariel Pink, you begin to suspect Turnbull is congratulating himself on every oddball sound and influence he can cram into a track, whether it actually adds anything or not.

What Thank You for Stickin' With Twig really needs is more decent tunes. Turnbull manages to pull out an impressive one on ‘Fog of Sex (N.S.I.S.)’, which sounds like Bolan jamming with horror movie soundtrackers Goblin.

Otherwise, most of the hooks struggle to break through the gloop of echo-chamber effects Turnball feels the need to slather over everything. The album hits its nadir on ‘Trip Thru Bells’, which consists almost entirely of proggy, widdly guitar and nothing else.

Two tracks let us know that Turnball is “stoned out of [his] mind”. In case you’re still unclear, there’s also a number called ‘Cannabis’. Actually, that’s one of the few tracks which gets on with the business of uncomplicated, ebullient rocking, possibly because it’s a subject Turnball feels passionate about.

I guess that explains a lot. Like a Cheech & Chong film, Thank You for Stickin' With Twig is zany but rarely entertaining. Still, bet he had loads of fun making it. 

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