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La Luz - Weirdo Shrine

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2015-08-07

Whenever a band describes their music as surfer-rock, this proclamation usually means they have that sort of hollowly 60s sounding guitar vibe that Chain & the Gang and early Raveonettes capture so well.  And this is true with La Luz and their new album, Weirdo Shrine. This all-girl band take a decidedly different approach than either of those two bands, with much of the album being gentle breeze beach music more than surfer-rock.

Yes, that guitar prominently takes you back in time, but as with the first song, ‘Sleep Till They Die’, the wispy, almost Neko Case vocals and the slow pace has a riveting affect. After a few listens, the laid-back cadences and blended vocals become downright addictive. And of course, as always, when a Northwestern American band evokes a Richard Brautigan poem, as in ‘Oranges’, I’m ready and willing to enter their weirdo shrine.

La Luz pick up the pace a bit on a few tracks like ‘With Davey’ and ‘Hello Papi’ and this is a welcome break from the laid back stoner surf rock of most the other tracks.  La Luz may not be for everyone, as their instrumentals more often than not sound like filler jams than memorable songs. 

But La Luz has that sort of power to cause you to want to return and the vocals are strong and mix well with that retro guitar sound.  Occasionally you might want them to pick up the pace a bit or add more fuzz to the spaces, but all in all, La Luz, produced by Ty Segall, is a captivating effort.

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Only just noticed you did this one. It's a great album, and you got it right !

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