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Toupee - Leg Toucher

by Steve Reynolds Rating:7 Release Date:2015-07-23

Having recently been blown away by the new Sauna Youth album with its raw energy and insurmountable stack of power nuggets, I am dealt the hand of a band of similar feisty ilk, the terribly named Toupee.

Straight out of Chicago, this lot have a locker full of cathartic, boisterous noise. You can feel the visceral tension right from the opening bars of ‘Leg Toucher’. Packed with seedy, post-punk rumbling bass and a sinewy guitar that would make Albini puff his chest out with pride, it’s all over in a minute, but the dystopian feel continues on the doomy ‘Mommy is a Mummy’, reminiscent of the aggression of Future of the Left and Bitch Magnet.

If you’ve been out on the lash the night before and you’re feeling a bit sensitive then ‘Glitter Roach’ might just be your go-to guy. The staccato guitar intro and the off-key singing seem at odds with each other, almost fighting for our attention. The vocal then becomes tortured, belligerent and damn right rude before eventually launching into a tempered howl. ‘School’, meanwhile, is a crock of noisy shit, quite frankly, but the paradox is is that it’s good shit, similar to ‘Fort Knight’ with its werewolf vocal and polarising guitar.

The feel throughout the album is distinctly lo-fi. Most of the songs are short and sharp - straight to the point, they get on with it, do their respective division of labour and move on to the next song. It seems all rather cold and I wouldn’t be surprised if they recorded each song live and in one take just to ensure they capture the electric atmosphere that they consider to be their major selling point.

Leg Toucher is a mean album, swarmed in a minimal, threadbare, spikey arrangement. It’s a tidy debut but what they do need to do is address their name. I know that’s a trivial thing in the grand scheme of all this, but if you’re gonna keep with the hair theme then why not try Hair Peace?

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