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The Zephyr Bones - Wishes/Fishes

by Justin Pearson Rating:8 Release Date:2015-07-22

In the spirit of all things sun-soaked and surf-ready, Barcelona-based The Zephyr Bones offer up an inviting, beach-like experience on the compact Wishes/Fishes EP. Reminiscent of the saltwater brand of dream-pop that DIIV mastered on their 2012 debut, Oshin, the music here lives up to the 'beach-wave/psychedelic pop' description on The Zephyr Bone's Facebook page.

If the track titles alone aren't indicative of what's in store, the songs themselves have difficulty hiding their obviousness. 'Weird Summer' employs start/stop drumming and laid-back guitar riffs to playful, happy effect. It has its sights set on having fun in the sand, and insists that you come along for the ride - sun-blocked and swim-suited, of course.

The reverbed vocals work nicely on 'Get Away From the Coast' as they call from a distance: "Get away from the coast/ Get away from home/ Get away from the shore." Waves of guitar, splashing drums and intermittent synths pull you out of your head and into an oceanic reverie.

The real high-point of the EP is 'Los Cocodrilos'. Underneath the circling guitar and patterned drums is a squinty, sunny landscape dotted with clicks, squeaks, and trilled synths. It feels like breaking free and paddling out on your surfboard to reach that ever-elusive wave to bring you back to shore. The joy lies in the journey out, not the return.

Ending the EP is 'Let's Spit Our Bones into the Sea'. It sounds like a surrender, but a purposeful one. It plods along with a forward aim, heading straight for the all-encompassing sea. The wish is powerful, and whether it becomes fulfilled or not is irrelevant, as evidenced by one of the song's repeated lines: "Don't wake me up/ I'm dreaming."

The definition of the word zephyr is 'a soft, gentle breeze', and the band fully delivers on the imagery contained within their name. This little EP packs enough of a punch to make the wait for a proper LP tolerable, yet no less anticipatory.

Wishes/Fishes is a satisfying snippet from a band that's just getting started. So far their well-oiled engine seems to be purring quite nicely as it cuts through the blue-green waters of their own making.

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