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elodieO - Amoureuse

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2015-07-10

French singer/composer/producer elodieO is a fixture on New York City’s Nublu electro scene and this album features several remixes as well as new tunes from her related film project, Rendez-vous Amsterdam, in which she incorporates music, film, dance, animation, and fashion into an elaborately unconventional version of the traditional musical.

This is definitely not your father’s house music, but it will still draw you to the dancefloor to groove to the slo-mo flow of ‘English Boy’ (Yoko does reggae!), Rubber Ross’ percolating remix of ‘Francois Hat Langes Haar’ (sung auf Deutsch by the multilingual elodieO), the Spanish-language ‘Que Lindo Francisco’, and the funky, glitchy, hi-NRG dub of ‘Unexpected So’ (remixed by the album’s main producer, Robbie Ost, keyboardist in prolific Viennese electronic band Dubblestandart), which makes clever use of a familiar text 'ping' and sounds vaguely similar to Visage’s ‘Fade to Grey’. (Perhaps an affectionate tribute to the recently deceased Steve Strange?)

Elsewhere, the softly swaying, sweet title track will have you hopping and bopping around the room long enough to raise those heart BPMs until Club d’Essai’s chill out remix of ‘Crazy’ and the playfully seductive ‘Good Bye Mister K’ bring you right back down again for a well-deserved rest (or nap) while you recharge your batteries. Several remixes by Deathisnotacolor (aka Gregor Fritz) wrap up this party, including rather metallic renditions of ‘Francois’ and ‘Mercy Street’ that sound not unlike vintage Faust or Einsturzende Neubauten and should have you out on the dancefloor making like a robot in no time flat.

The talented, multi-instrumentalist elodieO wrote all the songs and plays just about everything but the guitars, placing her at the forefront of the Nublu movement alongside other popular proponents as Brazilian Girls and KUDU.

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