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Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas - Dreamslop EP

by Jim Harris Rating:6 Release Date:2015-07-14

Wow, this is the shortest EP I’ve ever reviewed (I feel like a reviewer equivalent of Ariana Grande licking a donut). Three brief songs is hardly a sampling, but still the sweetness is there. Andrew R Burns and the Tropicanas add a little tropical swagger to a lo-fi bedroom sound that at first reminds you of those beach blanket soundtracks and commercials from the 60s, with dance beats and swooning faraway vocals. 

The first song, ‘Coming Back Down to Erf’, sounds like Mac DeMarco channeling Lloyd Cole. The other two songs deviate very little from this and are pleasant enough, but there just isn’t enough here to make a solid call as to where Mr Burns is taking the sound or the band.

However, these three short songs are a nice lick that almost leaves me wanting more - but not quite. A couple more tracks and they might have been on to something.

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