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Asian Dub Foundation - More Signal More Noise

by Brian Lange. Rating:6 Release Date:2015-07-12

It’s incredible when one hears a band for the first time, then realizes the band in question has been around for years. Since 1993, to be precise. More Signal More Noise is the Asian Dub Foundation’s latest release. Upon the first listen, this seems like a comical blend of bizarre dubstep, reggae and funk.  

Subsequent listens will reveal a talented band playing a sophisticated super-sub-genre of music. It’s hard to appeal to the masses with music such as this. What results is a mix of rapcore, dancehall, and ragga, while incorporating rock and punk influences. 

These guys evolved from the Gen X era of music, when electronica was making its mark, electronica that tapped into the MTV market spearheaded by bands such as The Prodigy. Reminiscent of Roni Size Reprazent and The Freestylers, Asian Dub Foundation manages to come across as simultaneously Jamaican, Middle-Eastern, and East-Asian. 

If one were to make a comparison to a mood or an activity, one might think that this is the perfect sort of music to hear in the sun with a bunch of friends by the sea, complete with piña coladas and shirtless muscular men who seem to like anything as long as there are girls in bikinis nearby. Asian Dub Foundation is sure to put on an amazing live performance. 

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