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Snow in Mexico - Juno Beach

by Jeff Penczak Rating:9 Release Date:2015-07-17

Roman electronic duo Andrea Novelli and Massimiliano Cruciani have been making exquisite noise since 2008 and here present their third release, a 12in EP played at 45 RPM, available on CD or 180gm vinyl. Tangerine Dream immediately springs to mind as opener ‘The Call’ slowly staggers into the room, quickly maneuvering into Depeche Mode/OMD influences with a flash of groovy Visage tossed in for good measure. The title comes from a looped phone conversation that seemed to crop up in a lot of 80s tunes such as Yazoo’s ‘Bad Connection’.

Cruciani’s smooth vocals permeate the title track and, buoyed by Novelli’s expressive synths, it’s tempting to tag them as an Italian Pet Shop Boys, but fans of Bobby Wratten’s projects (particularly Northern Picture Library and the new Lightning in a Twilight Hour) will also find and hear a lot to like. The EP’s title is a musical, not geographical reference, and Novelli’s warm Roland Juno vibes deliver relaxing and reflective moods throughout.

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