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Various Artists - REVOLUTION - The Shoegaze Revival

by Jim Harris Rating:10 Release Date:2015-06-25

Good shoegaze is pretty easy to find. Shoegaze of the quality Ear to Ear records is releasing is a cause for celebration. Revolution - A Shoegaze Revival is a compilation of 30 songs and around 130 minutes of pure dreampop, shoegaze bliss. I've never been a huge fan of compilations and have to admit I was sceptical there would be sustained quality throughout one of the largest compilations I have ever listened to.

Damn, was I wrong. The first track, 'She Doesn't Feel the Sun', has an appropriate shoegaze title and doesn't disappoint. In fact, with its driving waves of feedback and controlled distortion, it seta the tone beautifully, evoking flashbacks to Ride and early Swervedriver. 

The very next song, 'Hazy Youth', slow-burn beginning with a guitar quivering manically and sweet vocals, pays great homage to MBV. And then the third track, 'Overdrive (feat. Ummagma)' is plain and simply brilliant. While it might be more dreampop than shoegaze, reminiscent of what Blonde Redhead in their earlier years with 4AD, 'Overdrive' convinced me that this collection was going to fade like so many collections. A few great songs to start things off and then nothing sustained to follow. Totally wrong.

Revolution is a revelation - that Ear to Ear Records could release such a massive collection of sustainably brilliant music from so many different artists. There is not one weak track stretched across two-plus hours of music and for any serious fan of shoegaze dreampop it is undeniably the finest and largest compilation on record.

Revolution - A Shoegaze Revival establishes Ear to Ear Records as a label to be taken very seriously. They are finding the best and most exciting shoegaze and dreampop bands out there and evidently giving these bands the proper creative freedom to produce incredible alternative music.

This is a must-have for fans of shoegaze, dreampop, or psych-pop, and it will be well worth the effort to seek out these artists and their long-players.

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Hey, I'd like to hear this ! Been listening a lot to Swervedriver and Jesus and Mary Chain lately.

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