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Jaill - Brain Cream

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2015-07-17

How could you have forgotten about Jaill, didn’t they have a solid album with a contender for song of the year in 2012? Well, they’re back with their latest album Brain Cream but should you be lucky to remember ‘Everyone’s a Bitch’ then you might be slightly disappointed.

This album seems to offer up more of the same - jangly alt-rock in the vein of Television and Teenage Fanclub, but without the that natty, moreish helping of pop. ‘Pointy Fingers’ comes close but staggers forwards without a distinctive chorus, while ‘Chocolate Poison’ makes a better go of this with cascading vocal line and a measured bassline, but again misses a central pull.

There are plenty of amusing lines involving “a dinosaur to kill”, “your perfect tits”, and “still playing games high as shit” dotted around. It’s the same venomous but melodically delivered stuff which made Traps a pleasant surprise. What you can’t say, however, is that there is anything to keep your attention.

Sounding like a poor man’s Strokes on ‘Got an F’ and bonus track ‘Sweet Tooth Lover’, without the abrasive sound of Casablancas’ vocals, isn’t such a bad thing, and the title, Brain Cream, couldn’t be more apt, since this is an album which you need to massage into your brain.

The instant gratification which came with their last album isn’t present here and appears to have been something of a fluke, but that doesn’t make it a bad album, it just isn’t going to live as long in the memory unless you have a definitive penchant for their specific sound. Best enjoyed in the blistering heat and the summer breeze.

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Jaill - Brain Cream - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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