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Lady Bones - Dying

by Warwick Stubbs Rating:7 Release Date:2015-06-30

Lady Bones’ split single with Horseheads (‘Courtesy Moans’ and ‘Hoovah’) came with the attack of Bloc Party combined with the smashing dynamics of We Were Promised Jetpacks, making them sound very alive and ready to continue their progression of power. Dying, unfortunately doesn’t quite capture that spirit, perhaps tellingly in the title of the album, and somewhat unnecessarily so.

There is no song that sounds like it is either contemplative and mourning, or ecstatic and embracing because of death. But a mis-titled album, even if the lyrics were appropriate, shouldn’t stop you from checking out this band.

Dynamics aplenty show the band has a lot of talent and ability to make their music sound interesting and to take you on a ride rather than just sitting in one place for the length of a song - see track six, 'Stay' as a perfect example of this. The vocals are nice and gritty, with some plaintive screams that contain the passion of Pixies' most intense moments.

Though this first album may not come charging out of the gates with as much stamina and brilliance as, say, Silent Alarm by Bloc Party, it does show off just as much enthusiasm and confidence. For the work of a three-piece band, the album stomps along (‘Hollow’), sometimes with a dance groove (‘Brother’), and sometimes with lots of changes in pace (‘Wet’).

Production is very one-dimensional, with the occasional guitar overdubs jumping out, which is a bit of a pity because, with their lively sound and obvious sheer enjoyment about playing these songs, you can't help but wonder how much punchier and enjoyable the album could have been had more time and money been invested. Regardless, it's a hugely confident and appealing album.

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