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Outblinker - Pink/Blue

by Joseph Majsterski Rating:6 Release Date:2015-06-15

Pink/Blue is the debut EP by Outblinker, something of a DIY electro-punk collective comprising brothers Jason and Graham Costello of Young Philadelphia, Luigi Pasquini of Kabobo, and David Warner and Chris Cusack of Foreign Tongue. It contains only two tracks, but each clocks in north of ten minutes, and each is quite the journey, so it's relatively substantial.

'Pink' is something of a military march, in an army of wah-wah guitars and dessicated synths, all led by frantic drums larded with fill after fill. After a very long buildup, the whole thing breaks down about two-thirds of the way through, transitioning into a more electronic section that reunites with the main theme. It's generally very noisy for the last few minutes, with no one element taking the lead

'Blue' is like an argument between a squelchy walkie-talkie and a drum-kit, with a supremely bluesy guitar moderating the debate. The drum-kit makes the more powerful case, with lots of rapid-fire statements, but the walkie-talkie gets in the last word. This song goes toward the dark side during one of its noisy sections, with some creepily disturbing effects thrown into the mix before an organ arrives, giving you something trustworthy to hold onto as you move through more ghostly terrain.

This is essentially a pair of post-rock noodlers, but they're served al dente, not overdone. 'Blue' is clearly the better song, with a much stronger sense of purpose and more interesting choices made with the instruments. Still, both tracks build to a series of mini-crescendos before plunging back down into scatterings of grab bag instrumentation.

Fans of the genre will be in heaven. It doesn't feel groundbreaking, but it does feel fresh, like they dug up something new from an old hole.

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