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Flesh World - The Wild Animals In My Life

by Jim Harris Rating:7 Release Date:2015-06-03

With bandmates hailing from the queercore/hardcore San Francisco music scene (rapid, loud squalls, and metal-on-metal spits and blasts) and a female lead singer who looks and sounds like something between Shirley Manson and Siouxsie Sioux, you have a can’t-miss formula, correct?

That is correct if you are Flesh World. The Wild Animals in My Life is eight tracks of manic post-punk noise-pop that leaves such wannabes as Perfect Pussy (why do I like writing that so much?) and Dum Dum Girls pouting. This is quality punk that kicks into gear with the driving two-chord punk anthem ‘To Lose Me’, featuring that rapid hiccuping drone of early-80s punk, and the forlorn vocals that helped define this sound. 

The opening song is followed by a rather post-punkish drone that conjures up cybernetic parks filled with goth chicks walking through transparent trees, arms slowly flapping. The third song and title track extends this (bad) metaphor.

Flesh World strike all the right punk chords throughout, while their rather extraordinary lead singer separates them from this pretty crowded musical niche. This is music from a long lineage going back to Blondie and Patti Smith and forward to The Banshees and Sleater-Kinney, and beyond.

Flesh World execute it well, even if the final song, ‘Here in the Dark’, by the punk standards they establish early, is a bit over-indulgent and excessive in its predictable jamming.  It will be interesting to see if this California band continues with the surprises and jagged punk delivery, or like so many California bands, succumb to success and morph into over-produced and slick Garbage. (But since she looks a bit like Shirley Manson, well, we will see…)

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