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PINS - Wild Nights

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2015-06-08

A couple of years back, PINS cornered the market in girl-group garage-punk drone-rock with debut album Girls Like Us. Their follow-up is helmed by Queens of the Stone Age’s producer Dave Catching, who brings a sharper, slightly more radio-friendly focus to their still-scrappy pop.

‘Baby Bhangs’ kicks into life with beefy riffs and snarled lyrics about “Black leather… Blackened lips, snake hips,” before tumbling into the kind of swooning, goth-lite chorus Dum Dum Girls have been selling for a couple of albums (check that title, too – so close to DDG’s ‘Bhang Bhang, I'm a Burnout’). It’s backed up by the sunny strum of ‘Young Girls’ and ‘Curse These Dreams’, as well as the 60s bubblegum twang of ‘If Only’, which makes its camp in the wistful surf-pop space recently vacated by Best Coast.

Such musical pleasures may not be big or clever but they’re deceptively hard to pull off, and PINS prove they’ve got the chops to do it. Which makes it disappointing that elsewhere on Wild Nights, they seem content to stick to mid-pace chugging with a lack of decent tunes. ‘Oh Lord’, for example, promises a 50s rock ‘n’ rumble but never really delivers, becoming monotonous fast.

Elsewhere, ‘Got It Bad’ is 60s girl group melodrama that’s just a little too turgid for its own good, while ‘House of Love’ and ‘Molly’ drag the pace down further with their loping blues-rock. ‘Dazed By You’, meanwhile, sounds like they’ve definitely been a little too dazed by the Dum Dum Girls’ garage-rock shimmy, offering nothing unique of their own.

It seems likely PINS have succumbed to the dreaded pitfall of the second album. But never mind. Wild Nights isn’t really that bad, it’s just more filler than killer. It’s got enough decent moments to keep things ticking over till album three, at which point PINS can hopefully turn out something which will really works as a soundtrack to those wild nights. 

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