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Vaadat Charigim - Sinking as a Stone

by Rich Morris Rating:4 Release Date:2015-05-25

As final proof that shoegaze, the early 90s Thames Valley sound that was deemed quaint as soon as Britpop geezered its way into the charts, is now an international phenomenon, here’s Israeli band Vaadat Charigim with their second album, a veritable orgy of floppy fringes, effects peddles, and watching Byker Grove even though you’re too old for it (OK, not so much that last one). Whether it qualifies as a good example of the genre is, of course, another matter entirely.

Even for a shoegaze album, Sinking as a Stone is pretty sulky and bloody insular. The likes of ‘Hadavar Haamiti’ and ‘Ein Li Makom’ are sluggish, wading through murky production and feedback sludge, inspired more by Loop than My Bloody Valentine. There’s none of the fizzy, giddy, slightly out-of-control feeling that the best shoegaze has.

‘Ein Li Makom’ is closer to goth than shoegaze - not a bad thing, but Vaadat Charigim don’t really give good goth either. Its opulent, Eastern-tinged guitars are let down by indistinct production, while the Peter Murphy-alike vocals are way down in the mix and lack charisma.

‘At Chavera Sheli ‘and ‘Imperia Achrona’ perk things up with their strong melodies, allowed to twinkle through the muddy production. However, some nice guitar-work isn’t enough to stop these tracks from sounding like the work of a sub-standard Horrors. Pointlessly, the latter stretched out to seven-and-a-half-minutes, which feels almost like an act of sadism.

Apparently, the band set out to make a record that distilled their feelings of boredom growing up in Tel Aviv. Well, after listening to Sinking as a Stone, I feel bored and vaguely irritated. So mission accomplished, guys. 

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Maybe it should be called shoegauze ?

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A new genre is born!

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