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Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi-Love

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2015-05-25

Many landmark albums are rooted in the breakup of relationships. Bob Dylan's legendary Blood on the Tracks was written in the aftermath of his failed marriage and bleeds its story to the listener, despite Dylan's denials of its content. Somehow Fleetwood Mac overcame the mess of their failed marriages and relationships to record Rumours and deliver their high watermark. The list goes on.

On Unknown Mortal Orchestra's third album their main man, Ruban Nielsen, has used his recent breakup as the source of his inspiration. However this was not a standard breakup and this is far from a standard album. Nielsen was in a relationship with two partners and this is echoed throughout the album with the duality of his affections resonating in the lyrics.

The tone is much more disco and dance focused than the first two efforts with a real groove running through almost all the tracks. 'Can't Keep Checking My Phone' is a catchy, groove-laden number that infects the listener with its fuzzy atmospherics. 'Stage or Screen' is possibly the most straightforward song UMO have released thus far, a sign of the moves they have made since their debut offering.

'Ur Life One Night' is as good an effort as anything in their catalogue and just oozes with its sexy groove. 'Puzzles' is the closing statement and perhaps points to the band's next direction. It's longer than anything else and sounds like its veering towards 70'sglam rock at points.  

This is a real album for the summer. Its so infectious, its like a summer cold for the ears.

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I never heard these guys before. I may have to start after listening to this. Pretty good album!

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