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PRURIENT - Frozen Niagara Falls

by Jim Harris Rating:7 Release Date:2015-05-18

It’s clear from the first listen that Dominick Fernow, who is the band Prurient, has a wider, grander scheme for his noise than most. Over the years, Fernow has taken the genre of ambient, noise, electronica up and down the spectrum and developed a cult following with his creative, rich, and most of all, challenging pieces. This is not music to be played necessarily in mixed-company. For most of the album, there are few discernable beats or anything resembling a rhythm that most listeners can connect with for any extended time.

Frozen Niagara Falls is not the driving beats of noise-rock bands, or the drug-enhancing trances of ambient repetitions. This is an art-noise exercise into the darker reaches of an artistic psyche. The themes range from murder to broke, twisted love to barren and dark landscapes and then back.

I’ve never quite understood what compels me to enjoy exercises such as this, any more than I can explain why I can stare at a Jackson Pollock painting for long stretches at a time. But I enjoy the hell out of Frozen Niagara Falls. It’s partially because Fernow, particularly on this album, has chosen structures that vary from metal-scraping-metal tangents, through near-ambient techno mixed with car crash overlays, on through even a prolonged, disquieting acoustic guitar intro. Regardless of whether it’s appealing to a popular audience, Fernow knows how to mix it up.

On several tracks homage is paid to the darkwave, EBM, black-metal, etc crowd with rather unusual vocals that sound like a 60 year old man whose larynx has been ripped out from smoking and he now has to sing through a hole in his throat. These sorts of vocals I’ve always just blinked at, but I do take comfort in the fact that I can rarely make out the lyrics from such bands, as they are always some derivative of "Pity me for hating you I’m so sad and depressed I want to kill you, etc". OK.

Still, if you are into this sort of art-noise and science-fiction synthesized landscapes, Prurient’s Frozen Niagara Falls will be just what the drug-addled, escaped mass murderer in a soiled white lab-coat ordered.

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Person with emphysema singing hardcore over sci-fi themes ? Now that's original.

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