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Django Django - Born Under Saturn

by D R Pautsch Rating:7 Release Date:2015-05-06

Django Django must have a huge record collection. Listening to their output so far and digging beneath the surface of the 70s and 80s influences, their retro-leaning, nerdy dance-pop has echoes of reggae, surf-rock and disco among other things. However, it all sounds of one style and piece.

This sophmore effort, the follow up to their Mercury nominated debut, builds on their initial headrush of success and mixes things up... just. There isn't the huge draw of a track like 'Default' on their debut. However, there are enough tracks to like and have lodged in your mind that this is a worthy follow-up.

'Giant' stomps into existence until descending into Beach Boys harmonised in a modern style. 'First Light' sounds like a more dance-oriented Beta Band (admittedly an easy comparison that has been made too often due to familial links).

There are some absolute gems that stick like limpets on the side of your brain. 'Shake and Tremble' is probably the high point of the whole affair. It rewards repeated listens and is uncompromisingly optimistic in its tempo and arrangement.

However, Born Under Saturn also possibly points at Django Django's weaknesses. There isn't enough of a pace change; it's almost disposable at times in the way it embraces being a pop album. It's pop done well, maybe too well to love as much as you want to. The middle third of the album also gets bogged down and feels a little heavy. The skip button may be used by many for tracks such as 'Shot Down' and 'High Moon'.

This is a great follow up that will be among the favourites come September's Mercury Prize season. It will be the soundtrack of many people's summer. There is nothing to dislike here. There is just too little to love for this to be a classic. Hopefully that will come. Until then, enjoy this.

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