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Pale Honey - Pale Honey

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8.5 Release Date:2015-05-04

The debut album from this female Swedish duo will remind you of fellow Swedes First Aid Kit, which is always a good sign. The Swedes have been releasing delectable pop for years now, and Pale Honey are primed to take their place alongside The Concretes, Roxette, and perhaps the best of the lot, Raymond and Maria.

The tactic here is to hit you with the minimalist approach of just Tuva Lodmark’s vocals and occasional guitar outbursts punctuated by Nelly Daltrey’s snappy, occasionally tinny drum accompaniment. (Heck, if that's not minimalist enough, all their songs have one-word titles.) ‘Fish’ is quite Gang of Fourish, the hit single ‘Youth’ stalks around the room like something off The Cure’s Three Imaginary Boys, ‘Lonesome’ is like the Carl Stalling Project set to a bossa nova beat, and the girls get down and dirty on the funky garage rocker ‘Tease’.

There’s a lot to like here, especially if you like you pop and rock stripped to the bare essentials. Add in a sexy voice a la Lily & Madeleine, the odd chirping, burping synth, a gift for crafting catchy melodies, and you’re in for a wonderful time sashaying amongst the clouds dancing with angels.

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