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Moth Effect - Crocodilians

by Rob Taylor Rating:7.5 Release Date:2015-04-22

Space is the Place. Sun Ra’s quest for intergalactic relocation didn’t involve physical travel, but metaphysical transportation via the medium of music. What some called delusional or pretentious, others understood as allegory, suspending disbelief for the love of the music. Or to put it simply, you can take the trip unreservedly, or choose to stay home for want of a logical itinerary.

Moth Effect’s space-rock opus, Crocodilians, is a journey for imaginative voyagers, and its fertile soundtrack qualities makes forming a mental picture an untroubled experience. Its as much pre-flight lounge as floating about the exosphere. Its as much fuzzed-out guitar indie, as chilled-out bliss.

Warm currents of melodic keyboard, plaintive guitar, repetitive bass figures, and tribal drumming patterns. It’s not necessarily music for the comedown, nor does it rise to an intrusive din, except for blowing the odd gasket with some white-hot guitar work.

Its a brand of space-rock that lulls and soothes, captivates and intrigues. Moth Effect’s Andy Le Gresley is like a trusted guide, someone who reveals the flight-plan as master cartographer. Certain journey points, slight as they are, provide great sight-seeing. The electro-corroboree of ‘Otomadrone’, the methadrone of of ‘Look Nicely’ with its immersive sonar bleeps, or the sounds of distressed whales in ‘She Likes Her Sleep’.

Everyone is wondering how long this resurgence in psychedelia will last, but so long as quality outings such as this continue to be released, I don’t really care.

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