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White Noise Sound - Like a Pyramid of Fire

by Jim Harris Rating:5 Release Date:2015-04-06

This is White Noise Sound, indeed. I was thoroughly confused by Like a Pyramid of Fire, by this Welsh band. The first track, ‘Heavy Echo’, has very little echo and just a touch of electro-psych heaviness, a la BJM. The psych is then joined by the retro synths of A Flock of Seagulls. For one thing, BJM-meets-Flock of Seagulls doesn’t do much for me, so it left me a bit queasy.

Then, what follows are a couple of tracks that seem culled straight from M83's catalog of wimpy, airy electronica, which I absolutely hate. Those two tracks are followed by what bands, for lack of a more creative term, would call ‘experimental noise progressions’. After this track, ‘Can’t You See It’, I am not the least bit interested or engaged with this electro-pop band.

And then, as if they actually stayed around and listened to all the bands they toured with in Europe like The Warlocks, BJM, and such, a perfectly legitimate psych track bursts through the layers of White Noise Sound and actually catches my attention. Track five, ‘Red Light’, rumbles along with heavy guitars and synths, and while it may tumble along for a bit too long, it is still one of only a couple tracks worth listening to on Like a Pyramid of Fire.

Not only is the title clearly a misnomer, this new release by White Noise Sound, I would suspect, will have more than a few listeners scratching their heads. Music rich with diverse influences is always welcome, but the switching of gears from experimental clattering to fluff electro on through heavy psych - it all adds up to less diversity and mostly confusion. They don’t seem to sustain any level of consistency or flow and that makes the overall concept not much more than an extended play with much filler.

Despite this, there is one track, ‘Step into the Light’, that is worthy of a better collection. It’s a pop gem, with a catchy structure and strong vocals.

All and all, however, White Noise Sound go in so many directions that the axiom ‘there are any number of things you can do badly’ holds true here. For such a band like White Noise Sound, who have been around for a while, it’s surprising they aren’t capable of a more cohesive and definitive musical direction.

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