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Jamie T - Magnolia Melancholia

by paul_guyet Rating:7.5 Release Date:2015-04-06

The first time I heard Jamie T, he was screaming like a drunken psychopath on a Gorillaz remix in 2007. I was enthralled and more than a little curious; he sounded like a younger, drunker Mike Skinner. At that point, however, I could find, literally, nothing about this 'Jamie T' featured on said remix.

This sloshing madman slipped from the forefront of my mind and I forgot about him. Years later, in 2013, I was in Shoreditch for my honeymoon and, while waiting for my wife to buy a secondhand pair of boots*, a familiar voice began to permeate the store. I ran up to the girl behind the counter and asked several questions that she could not answer. 

Finally, I just asked to see the iPod that was plugged into the store's speakers: The Man's Machine EP. It seemed as if this raving lunatic had made something of a musician out of himself...

Magnolia Melancholia is Treays' fourth EP, coming after last year's ridiculously well-accepted and lauded Carry On The Grudge. It starts off with the album track "Don't You Find" then furnishes listeners with five new tracks, including "Marilyn Monroe" (a fun, punk rock ballad with some nice buzzy synths), a lo-fi, almost-acoustic cover of Bran Van 3000's "Mama Don't Smoke", "Magnolia Melancholia" (a pint swinging sing-along), "Riverbed" (which keeps making me think of the Meat Puppets...), and, finally, a heartbreaking, solitary, guitar-driven cover of The Replacements' "Bastards of Young".

Whether he's mellowed out or grown up or just stopped screaming since his early days, I can't say I love this newer, more accessible Jamie T, but, my opinion notwithstanding, I can't ignore how strong he is as an artist. Magnolia Melancholia is a nice little tidbit that should serve to keep his fans chomping at the bit until his next LP.  


* Which promptly fell apart the first time she wore them outside the store.

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Jamie T - Magnolia Melancholia - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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