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Stone Jack Jones - Love and Torture

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6.5 Release Date:2015-03-16

There are some records which cannot be listened to in your car or with friends. Some albums deserve solitary confinement and Stone Jack Jones’ Love & Torture is one of those. Filled with slow, foreboding country and folk songs, this album is a far more macabre effort than his previous effort, Ancestor.

It’s taken him a long time to get here, with all his world experiences and his almost Lanegan-esque voice. ‘Ships’ in particular puts out the same vibe a Mark Lanegan, but the earthiness in Stone Jack Jones’ voice is used in an almost spoken-word manner. Opening track ‘Shine’ plays out a slow shimmy and feigns a peaceful mood, the utterance of “The sun will shine, on the otherside” seems to suggest a jealousy of other people’s lives being much easier.

With it being rumoured that he once owned strip club, you might expect something lurid and playful, but it’s the haunting, Medieval imagery of dancing demons on the cover of the album which tells you everything you need to know about the spirit of the record. ‘Circumstance’ will be the darkest song you hear all year, with double-tracked vocals, one of which sounds like the growl of death himself.

The intros to each song are usually some vacant noise taken direct from the recording or from other distorted sounds, giving continuity but also a subtle hint that this is a man keen not to settle. This kind of music is very much of this time and something will have to change with each album he creates – provided there are more to come.

What many people will get hung up on with this artist is the slow, slack delivery of the songs. They all feel very similarly paced, the tone rarely deviating from a default, ramshackle folk. Peel back the reverb and the extra sounds thrown for fun and you get some great lyrics, but not much you’ll want to sing along to in the long run.

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