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Sundarata - Language Of The Stars

by Jeff Penczak Rating:8 Release Date:2015-02-01

Desert Americana from Tucson, Sundarata emerged when members of local bands Infinite Beauties and Black Sun Ensemble met at the memorial service of the latter’s legendary leader Jesus Acedo exactly two years ago this month. Their debut sparkles with crisp guitar lines from Eric Johnson and Adam Lopez, and sun-drenched tales of love and loneliness from vocalist Leo Graves. ‘Ballad of French Vedette’ and the title track may tip the ears in the direction of a mesquite-fueled Wallflowers, Crazy Horse, or Green on Red, but Graves’ unique vocal approach and the mysterious characters populating his songs suggest a campy Camper Van Beethoven influence, not least of all on the drunken, Camp[er]fire singalong, ‘Morning’.

‘Electromagnetic’ glistens in the midday sunshine with a dreamy, church-like pop psychedelia (“Call me up if you want to fly high”), while ‘Arms Spread to the Wind’ should appeal to fans of BSE’s earlier releases featuring Odin Helgison’s acid-fried ramblings (cf Lambent Flame). Elsewhere, Johnson’s Dylanesque organ lines sweeten ‘Wrote You Back’ and evoke Zimmy’s mid-60’s peak. Overall, another  excellent notch in SlowBurn’s discographical belt showcasing the southern desert’s fine local talent.

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Sounds good Jeff

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Thanks, Rob. Tis a good un. This little label has been releasing interesting albums in the past few years!

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