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Föllakzoid - III

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2015-03-30

Follakzoid band members Diego Lorca, Juan Pablo Rodriguez and Domingo Garcia-Huidobro have been together for around seven years. Biographical material suggests that the three Chileans have a shared interest in the mystical legends of their native culture, and its preternatural interaction with the spirit world. These interests are channelled into a trance music borrowing heavily from the motorik rhythms of Neu and Can. On III, the sound is augmented with synth parts provided by Atom ™, also known as Uwe Schmidt, remixologist and proponent of electronic music experimentation, his most well known venture - the morphing of Krautrock, techno and latino music.

III is in four parts; the first, ‘Electric’, sounds like a meditation on Pink Floyd’s ‘Run Like Hell’. The echoey guitar runs, reiterated percussion and rhythm parts, unobtrusive vocal incantations, and tastefully restrained synthesiser position the listener well inside the loop, inextricably locked into its daydream-inducing vortex. Whereas ‘Electric’ lifts you above the clouds, ‘Earth’, with its knob-twiddling frequencies and bell-tolling minimalist techno, spears you back to terra firma.

By mid-album, III has you concentrating hard on its densities, the cleverness of subtle shifts in the electronic palette. Changes in tempo are rare, but at 7.54, all of the musical components of ‘Earth’ collide into 30 seconds of delicious cacophony, before that illuminated diversion exhausts itself and returns you to the original theme. Brilliant stuff.

A minor intermission of cheeky, R2D2-style frequencies drops us into ‘Piure’. The track's transcendent, mystical sounds excite the senses, a Pavlov’s dog-style adrenaline tease. This is no pill-popping nirvana though. ‘Piure’ settles into more of a metaphysical tone, contemplative of time and place, history and culture.

‘Piure’ is a tour de force of experimental music, a catalytic thrust of cultural imaginings, being possibly the purest expression of the respective band members’ experiences. ‘Feuerzeug’ is III’s epilogue, drawing together ideas, and interspersing acid-rock riffs amongst the monochords and repetitious beats.

Follakzoid’s music is about conjuring, about imagining another place, other possibilities, another culture. Who would have thought trance music could be so enduring?  

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