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Gnod - Infinity Machines

by Jeff Penczak Rating:3 Release Date:2015-04-20

The Salford electronic noise collective’s latest contains nearly two hours of bleeps, bloops, skronking sax, and assorted electronic arcade sounds interspersed with unintelligible spoken word political proselytizing. And that’s just the first track. 

Frankly, I had a headache after five minutes. It's the musical equivalent of waiting for the other shoe to drop, an existential exercise in patience. Is there a song in here or what? Helpful song titles like ‘White Privileged Wank’ and ‘Spinal Fluid’ explain a lot.

Throughout your trip, you’ll experience some spacey sound fx from galaxies far, far, away, glitchy recreations of Niklas Tesla’s electrical experiments, and other indescribable, experimental noises. It might work as a soundtrack for Frankenstein or Metrolpolis, but it’s a rather painful listening experience for anyone raised on the pop or rock medium. Perhaps that’s the point? But for me, it was like being strapped in an electric chair for two hours listening to Faust and waiting for my head to explode.

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