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Will Butler - Policy

by Nse Ette Rating:7 Release Date:2015-03-10

Arcade Fire member and younger brother of band frontman Win, Will Butler here tries his hand at the solo thing with rather impressive results. Criminally brief at eight songs, clocking in at about 27 minutes, he sets his youthful, playful voice to rockabilly-tinged punk rock ('Take My Side'), electro-pop ('Anna'), and even Lennon-style balladry ('Finish What I Started').

Elsewhere, the casual folk-rock of 'Son of God' recalls (surprise surprise) Arcade Fire. 'Something's Coming' is a soulful rocker with a crunchy riff and a lovely piano solo, while the sunny 'What I Want' is a giddy, melodic number with the kooky line, "I will buy you a pony/ We could cook it for supper/ I know a great recipe for pony macaroni" - typical of much of the album. The melancholic 'Sing to Me', meanwhile, is a hymnal piano ballad, seemingly helping one catch one's breath before closing cut 'Witness', a playful, bouncy ditty with interesting harmonies and gospel-style piano textures.

Flitting from one style or instrument to the next with the same manic aplomb he displays during live performances, the album is deceptively simple-sounding, yet deft and masterful. Big brother Win should be proud.

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