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Chvad SB - Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree

by paul_guyet Rating:6 Release Date:2015-02-15

Chvad SB's latest is five tracks in five minutes and it's flat out not as good or interesting as 2014's Cricket’s Were the Compass

'Followed By One' has a lonely, lost, open feel; 'Untouchable One' throbs with sinister, alien intrigue; 'Four' is a dark, backwards ocean; 'Three' holds a sense of vague menace, like a deserted truck stop at four in the morning; and 'Missing Sprout' is reverb, delay, pedals and a guitar. They're actually all reverb, delay, pedals and a guitar - a fact I have no real issue with, it's just that, for an artist who's been creating soundscapes for the past two decades, I suppose I had expected something more interesting. It's not the duration, it's the lack of depth. 

I can only assume, based on the title ('aliquot' is defined as "a portion of a larger whole") that these five tracks/minutes are the initial phase of something greater and, hopefully, more nuanced. As it stands, Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree is too paltry a taste of a meal I'm not really sure I want to eat.

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