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Drug Cabin - Yard Work

by Nathan Fidler Rating:5.5 Release Date:2015-02-24

Somewhere between surf-rock and beach-pop is where you’ll find Drug Cabin. Yard Work can sound both dazed and then pumped, switching quickly like a startled cat. It makes for disjointed listening but throws up the odd gem, and it all comes courtesy of musicians with indie rock credentials.

Nathan Thelen (of Moonrats) and Marcus Congleton (of Ambuland Ltd.) combine to produce something slightly different to anything either have previously been part of. If you only have  chance to listen to one song then it should be ‘Dogs’ with pedal steel of classic Americana and the odd hint of Elliott Smith in the verses.

Other choice tracks include ‘Sapphire’, which sports a low-key groove (“Suffer for the ritual” is the request), while ‘Bubbles’ has more zest than they seem to know what to do with, bounding along in the breeze like, well, bubbles.

Amidst this mish-mash of sounds are the tracks which fail to take off, like ‘Powder Moon’ and ‘Goldenwall’, the latter of which sounds like elevator music for a haunted hotel. It seems that when they try for the dream-pop angle they come off as over-baked, but ‘Hollywood’ proves they can manage it well enough, though they claim they “can’t get no higher naturally”.

“I came to party/ I pray to Jesus,” and other repeated utterances ride across some funky guitar chops on ‘Jesus’ but the solidity and dedication to a hook is lacking overall. Since this is a collaborative effort you have to think that Drug Cabin can only get stronger from here.

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