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Cheatahs - Sunne [VINYL]

by Jim Harris Rating:8 Release Date:2015-02-24

The only thing missing from this four-track EP is more songs. Yes, Cheatahs are as derivative as any band I've heard in a while. The wavering cascading soar in the first track, 'Sunne', gleefully lifted from Kevin Shields of MBV, establishes where this band comes from.

More homage is paid to the likes of MBV and Ride on the opening blast from 'Campus', as it transitions into a speeded up Swirvedriver progression. But so what? It all adds up to being as tasty and enjoyable as anything any of those named influences did way back in the 90s, while the vocals are pleasantly washed-out layers of airy stoner droning, and I love it.

Cheatahs are carrying the flag of surf-pop shoegazing blasts from the past and doing it well, thank you. While Cheatahs clearly aren't breaking any new ground here, what they have derived their sound from, and how they execute it, makes Sunne is well worth listening to.

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Cheatahs - Sunne [VINYL] - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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