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Pelican - The Cliff [VINYL]

by Brian Lange. Rating:6 Release Date:2015-02-23

Pelican, from Chicago, Illinois, have been making music together since about 2001. 

Some people have brought it upon themselves to create categories such as ‘grunge gravy’ and ‘sludge metal’, which apparently the band Pelican could be classified as. If not for their post-rock tendencies, this band could very well be considered one of those almost-metal bands circa the early 90s such as Type O Negative or Fear Factory. The band also has ties with Isis and Russian Circles (the bands, not the political bodies), and when listening to these bands in tandem, you can definitely hear the similarities and inherent likeness. Pelican member Trever de Brauw has himself said: "I have an affinity for metal, but I don’t think of Pelican as a metal band." 

Though the band’s records are generally very engrossing and progressive, most EPs still lack in real substance. Three versions of 'The Cliff' and a fourth track, 'The Wait', really leave a lot more to be desired. True fans of any band will want all of their material, that is absolutely fair to say. If buying CDs hasn’t gone completely out of style, buying or even listening to EP’s is a whole other layer. 

Bands that release EPs with a lot of variety, eg, the remixes are removed enough that they can be considered separate tracks altogether or simply the inclusion of a number of b-sides, really know how to better market their work. Often times, it feels as though EP’s are a testament to a band's inability to edit. Whether they be remixes or simply different versions of the song, it always feels like excess and, nine times out of ten, the original track is the most listenable.

Unfortunately for Pelican, this is the case with The Cliff EP. Good title track, but too little additional content that isn't ultimately unnecessary and unfulfilling.

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Des Plaines. Isn't that where Bill Bryson grew up ? He said he escaped more than left there, and yet it was so much like home ....

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Des Moines, but same difference. I lived in Chicago for a while and all my friends from the midwest kind of had the same experience growing up.

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