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Mourn - Mourn

by Steve Reynolds Rating:9 Release Date:2015-02-16

Should you ever be dismissive of an album that contains 10 songs but weighs in at less than 22 minutes? On the basis of a bunch of Barcelona teenagers called Mourn, I would suggest not. The Catalonian quartet are wet behind the ears with an average age of 17, but what they lack in experience they more than make up for in directness and sheer bloody-mindedness.

Right from the opening bars of ‘Your Brain is Made of Candy’, they take the confidence and grace of PJ Harvey and jut it up with waves of goth and post-punk. The vocals are disturbingly good. No sign of a Spanish accent at all. For all we know they could be from bloody Shoreditch!!

We get spacey psych on ‘Philliphius’ followed by Wire-like angular, twisted, taught guitar-lines on ‘Misery Factory’. The confidence on this album is incredible, all laced with an unhinged sense of bravado and ease. ‘Otitis’ is simply charming - blazing guitar, pounding toms and ringing melodies.

The band give their best Go! Team impression on the shouty call and response of ‘Marshall’,  uncovers another twist in the tale of the band’s chameleon-like qualities. ‘Squirrel’ lasts just over 90 seconds and bounces off all four walls, such is its reverb-heavy production. It’s reminiscent of Perfect Pussy but without all the belligerent anger and bellicose attitude. ‘Silver Gold’ is the band’s finale, a miasma of noise, power and raw abandonment.

For a band so young, this is one hell of a powerful record. Ripped to the hilt in hooks, imagination and variety, they are destined to make a serious dent in the music business in 2015 and have made arguably one of the strongest debuts you will hear for many a year.

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Cool. I wonder if they were inspired by "Sombras - Spanish Post Punk 1981-1986". Excellent Compilation.

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