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The Subways - The Subways

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6 Release Date:2015-02-09

It turns out that The Subways are still going, after their thunderous debut it felt like they dropped off the radar slightly. The Subways is their fourth album, in fact, but plumping for the self-titled album feels like they might be trying to reinvent themselves somewhat.

One thing that you can say is that this is an improvement on their previous calculated and dry effort, Money & Celebrity. Allowing themselves to go where the moment takes them, this album packs more of a punch, successfully bringing back some of their initial impetus and punkish edge. ‘My Heart is Pumping to a Brand New Beat’ has a catchy chorus and doesn’t stiff you on the buzzsaw guitar either.

There are plenty of examples which highlight how this trio seem like they’ve refreshed themselves; ‘Pet Boy’ bullies you around while ‘Good Times’ picks you up and gets you ready for the night ahead. If ‘Because of You (Negative Love)’ is a little too straight-forward and dull, it is at least saved by an impassioned chorus.

What the album lacks is anything as raw as their debut album once promised. Where the verses are solid and memorable, the choruses are an anti-climax – or sometimes visa versa. ‘Black Letter’ is the perfect example of this, where the gnawing riffs are let down by the chorus, but at least they have something to scream. With renewed zest and a declaration of "We get around/ You can’t bring us down" on ‘We Get Around’, they show that they are here for a good time, but time itself has allowed them to sag somewhat, leaving an uphill climb back to commercial success.

Who wants commercial success though? Certainly The Subways don’t act like it matters all that much. They’ve returned to form somewhat on this album, so while the glory days might have passed them by, they’ll simply enjoy smashing songs out live. 

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