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Hawk Eyes - Everything Is Fine

by Jim Harris Rating:9 Release Date:2015-02-09

You know you’re in the hands of one of those special industrial metal/rock 'n' roll bands when as soon as the ominously deliberate opening song, ‘Trap Me’ transitions into the kind of rhythm-heavy metal march rumble reminiscent of Tool you immediately halt the song as it plays through those tiny white iPhone ear-buds and look around for your seldom-used-anymore over-the-whole-ear, head-banging headphones that can more accurately set your ears to throbbing. 

That’s what I did upon first listening to the Hawk Eyes new release, Everything is Fine. And oh, was it worth it. This band is best appreciated loud and with the proper bass and drum-enhancing stereo equipment.

Hawk Eyes have for several years now showed a certain promise that they weren’t just your typical metal/screamo/alternative band, and with Everything is Fine everything is more than fine. They have established a pedigree of metal-tinged alt-rock 'n' roll all their own and while this latest release is their most polished and cohesive effort to date, that certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Hawk Eyes clearly went to school on the progressive metal song structures you heard so frequently in such bands as Tool and Chevelle  but there are also strong echoes here of vocal structures from Alice in Chains (‘Ambassador’ and ‘TFF’). In short, Hawk Eyes are a blast of fairly recent alternative metal at its finest. Yet, while Hawk Eyes may venture there occasionally, they don’t settle long into those Deftone-like trudging metal progressions but instead plow in enough fret-burning and frenetic blasting (‘I Never Lose,’ ‘Enemies’) as to leave you craving more.

Hawk Eyes bring it and Everything is Fine has them at the top of their game.  There are no weak cuts on this album and while there is a healthy dose of nods to their influences, there is an even stronger and healthier dose of polished, quality rock 'n' roll that is uniquely Hawk Eyes.

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Do those big cans have a surgeon-general's warning ? There's a club here where people don the big cans for some silent headbanging. Thought about it.

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Ha! Sounds like a great club.

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Hey Jim, could you drop me a line at rob.taylor@soundblab.com and tell me whether you could, or want to do the Swervedriver review ?

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I'm not sure messaging service is working ...

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