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Tim Friese-Greene - One Girl Among Many EP

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2015-03-02

With his Heligoland solo project, Tim Friese-Greene has run the gamut from indie music to classical form, and free or semi-free jazz. Now, with One Girl Among Many he has entered the dance marketplace with the title track of his four-song EP. Tim chanced upon the synthesizer app Korg iPolysix for iPad, which operates intuitively according to the direction of hand movements across its interface, leading to many expected and unexpected results.

The dance track is a one-off for Friese-Greene, one that he hoped would be included on dance shuffle lists during the European winter. It certainly not what you’d expect from the former producer and collaborator with the band Talk Talk, but then Friese-Greene has never felt beholden to any genre classification, which he told Soundblab he only ever discusses if music journalists insist on pigeon-holing his work.

For all its innocuous beeps and bleeps, the title track settles into quite an addictive groove, complete with some funky, bouncy chords on the Hammond organ, as well as some judiciously placed guitar-chords, and deliciously light percussive programming with a Latin flavor. A very successful venture.

The vocals and mood on 'Song With No Refrain' are more akin to the classical indie of Talk Talk’s mature work, although the samba beats give the number some rhythmic freedom eschewing any kind of sombre mood, in keeping with the upbeat title track.

'A Bust Flush From A to Z’ continues the Latin feel, but this time lending it an old world, Panamanian feel, the way lounge music sounded before major labels spawned all of those atrocious chill-out albums. 'Such is My Dismay' is more conventional, and indie sounding to my ears.

Friese-Greene spoke very recently with Soundblab about the EP. You can find the interview here.

One Girl Among Many is available on vinyl through Tim Friese-Greene's Heligoland website on March 2.

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I'm a sucker for anything even remotely Talk Talk-related, so I'll have to check this out

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Hi David, try http://www.heligoland.co.uk/listen/ for a 7 minutes sampler of the EP. Its good stuff.

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