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Vision Fortune - Country Music

by Rob Taylor Rating:8 Release Date:2015-02-09

Vision Fortune are not toreadors, or a festive mariarchi band, as the album cover to their last effort, Mas Fiestas con el Grupo, so delightfully mislead. Perhaps they were trying to compete with the Louvin Brothers’ Satan is Real for the worst album cover of all time. I assume it's a tight market for Vision Fortune albums, so the band were on sure footing there’d be no unintentional bypasses in the experimental electronica section of the local record store. Assuming, of course, it wasn’t cataloged alongside Lila Downs.   

For their second album, Country Music, the (possibly) merry pranksters have made their subversion a more literal one. They recorded the album in the Tuscan countryside, or so it's reported, at an estate befitting the occupancy of an entire Paramount Studios crew of Scorcese reprobates. Here, they recorded the album, and partook of the Italian gastronomic delights available nearby.  

Coverage of experimental electronica is often the preserve of musical journals such as The Wire, that is, the ones with serious analytical clout but a complete lack of humour, much like a lot of the entries. I actually read The Wire, and thoroughly respect it, but you get my meaning.

Vision Fortune have a sense of humour, and secondly, despite what you might read, they are very listenable, with a keen sense of hypnotic rapture, and a thoroughly advanced understanding of pace and meter. The beats are both fearsome and stirring, and there is a surprising warmth in (some of) the electronic wavelengths, so reviews that this is a 'difficult' album to listen to seem to me slightly misplaced.  

There are shades of dubstep, Krautrock, IDM, free jazz, ambient, classic electronica, and 80s beatbox funk. It's an excellent foray into experimental sound which should, by right, appeal to those of you who wholeheartedly embraced the dubstep scene, as much as those predisposed to the avant garde, which this is misrepresented as being.

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