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Bo and the Locomotive - It’s All Down Here From Here

by Jim Harris Rating:10 Release Date:2015-02-06

Bo and the Locomotive is a five-piece Indie band from of, all places, St Louis, Missouri and their new album, It’s All Down Here From Here, is one of the best indie releases out so far in 2015. While they proclaim themselves bedroom-pop-indie-whatever, their sound is a rich collection of more like bedroom anthems. 

This isn’t Mac DeMarco sitting in his underwear writing cheesy love songs, however. Bo is a tight, lush yet minimal blast of 90s indie-rock filled with nicely banging  guitars and incandescent blasts of piano and organ, all to compliment one of the strongest and compelling voices you’ll hear in this genre.

Yes, the opening ‘There is a Time’ is a meandering, melancholic, slow-moving intro but it showcases Bo Jackson’s strong voice, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. The first single, ‘Never Afraid’, is a synthy, catchy, hook-laden tune which sounds like Arcade Fire at their finest. In fact, Bo’s voice, and the tight layers of sounds that start slow and build into rollicking jams (as on ‘In the Water’) show they are every bit as tight and talented as Arcade Fire with this sort of indie sound.

Even on slower moments such as ‘The Sun Part 2’, the compelling vocals and the Midwestern story-telling quality of the lyrics mesh so well with the slow, lazy jamming as to give you chills. Bo and the Locomotive have all the elements of a breakout band. Such a lyrically simple song like ‘Cook’ ("When I cook for you, it makes me feel good…") has a musical complexity to it that brings a near transcendent quality to such a simple and beguiling lyric. And the very next number, ‘Land’, another simply titled song, comes as close as you’ll get to some Wilco country-punk-inspired Midwestern indie.

Each and every song on It’s All Down Here From Here is a gem and, hopefully, will be for this immensely talented St Louis band a jumping off point like Life’s Rich Pageant was all those years ago for R.E.M.

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