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Shinies - Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere

by Jim Cunnar Rating:9 Release Date:2015-02-02

The last few years have seen a plethora of bands paying homage to the shoegaze and Madchester scenes of the late 80s and early 90s, from Beach Fossils to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart to Yuck to Veronica Falls. Shinies are the latest to tap into that era, putting their sonic spin on one of the most influential rock movements of the last quarter century.  

The four-piece from Manchester consists of singer/guitarist Adam Davison, guitarist Ric Stringer, Joe Fisher on bass and Tom Haben on drums. Opener 'Pomona' has Shinies proudly brandishing their Manchester pedigree, an obvious and well executed slow groove tribute to The Stone Roses. It's a perfect start, letting the listener know the band isn't going to shy away from its home-town influence. 

Title track 'Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere', 'Beached', and 'Spent Youth' are radio-ready dancers, sing-along anthems that are loud and full of crunchy riffs. 'Soak' is an instant shoegaze classic, with a percolating bassline and warped howling guitars which pull you along without bloodying your senses. 'de C' is the strongest track, a churn and grind Guy Chadwick infused gem sitting perfectly in slot #3 on the LP. 

This new generation of hybrid shoegaze bands bring vocals a bit more forward, but not to the point of dominating the song. These songs are still groove-and-guitar-based, with Adam's distant ghost-like voice providing more harmony than melody. MJ of Hookworms produced, and his influence is obvious but subdued. The transitions are seamless, providing a cohesive flow to the album, similar to The Hum, Hookworms brilliant 2014 album.  

The reverb-infused, dirty, hook-laden sound of Shinies is a spot-on example of what makes indie-rock so great - the blending of familiar sounds and genres to create something new and exciting. Keep the kitchen open boys. You guys are making something good.

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There is some Terry Bickers style guitar work on de C for sure. Some of the album is a bit of a yawn but that track, Pomono and 6s & 7s are great.

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